Venkaiah Naidu to provide English subtitles for TR portions of the film Kavan

Chennai: TR’s Kavan got released last week and is running successfully all across the South India. To take the movie to the international audience, the filmmakers have decided to append English subtitles to the Tamil movie. And to make the difficult task of subtitling dialogues spoken by T. Rajendar, Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu has been roped in by the director.

Speaking to Unreal Times film critic Prassant Thongalsaami, director of the movie KV Anand said, “The film Kavan is appreciated by all sections of Tamil Nadu. We felt that the theme of the movie does not apply only to our state, but to the whole world too. Venezuela saw protests, Ukraine saw protests, Hongkong faced protests. Protesting is not just an Indian character. It is a global phenomenon. I can proudly say that our film is the only movie to cover the protest and media angle. Why not take this movie to the whole world and wake up the innocent citizens of the world?”

When asked about this development, Naidu said, "We had lost Pawan, but not Kavan, Cricket has playing eleven, Modi is in RCR Seven!

When asked about this development, Naidu said, “We had lost Pawan, but not Kavan, Cricket has playing eleven, Modi is in RCR Seven!”

“We hired people who are experts in making subtitles, but most of them denied the chance. And few of them were unable to pen the subtitle for the whole movie. Something was terrifying them.”, Anand took a pause. “Yes. Your guess is right. Nobody can translate TR’s sentence into English. Nobody can replace TR. Nobody can be TR. And TR denied making subtitles, saying that he cannot translate his own rhyming dialogues while saying ‘TR is never late and never age, so he doesn’t translate into any language’.We were on the edge of hope when a ray of light shone from a news channel.”

“Depressed of our project meeting its dead end, I was mindlessly skipping channels and in one news channel, I noticed the rhyming dialogues in English. I was checking whether there was any trace of TR, but the reporter said that the dialogue was from Venkaiah Naidu. I immediately called my research team and they affirmed me in few minutes that Venkaiah is the English TR we had not been noticing all these times.

“Venkaiah Naidu was happy enough to do subtitles for us. But the thing is, he always wanted to abbreviate this or that dialogue while doing so. We could not meddle with any dialogue in the movie, so we gave him the movie title. For the English version, he has abbreviated KAVAN as ‘Kindling Anti-Violence All News’,” said Anand with a palm covering his face.

Meanwhile, as per reports coming from Twitter, prominent TweeteRs (TRs) like our lifelong editor Ashwin Kumar and ‘Lastword Limericker’ Bhavesh Kansara had been outraging against the Kavan film crew that they had not been approached for the job. A totally heated Ashwin was cool enough to say ‘Venkaiah Naidu, Vengaaya Poondu(Onion Garlic)’ amidst few swear words in rhyme.