TN Crisis: Delhi Lt Gov offers Sasikala Delhi CM post, says current CM anyway mostly away

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New Delhi: In what could finally prove to be a working resolution for the ongoing impasse in the Tamil Nadu political scenario, Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal has welcomed Tamil Nadu CM contender VK Sasikala to take over the reins in Delhi, to make up for the current Chief Minister, who is mostly away in either Punjab, Goa, Bengaluru or the nearby PVR Cinemas.

“This may be a laughable recommendation, but mind you, it’s bound to work. Even true-blue AAP supporters would heartily welcome this solution – while Kejri saab can go around governing Punjab and Goa on a rotational basis, Sasi ji can take care of the Chief Ministerial chair in Delhi. And OPS ji can take care of Tamil Nadu without any interference. It’s a win-win for all,” Lt Gov Baijal told The Tamil UnReal Times editor Dhandaraj Ande.

The Sasikala camp too, while yet to arrive at any decision, has thanked Baijal for the offer. “Our last resort after the Golden Bay, was to handover a DVD of Mudhalvan to Governor Thiru Vidyasagar Rao and ask him to make Chinnamma the CM at least for one day. But this new development is a welcome one. We are trying to negotiate with the OPS camp to see if OPS can go to Delhi and Chinnamma can rule here,” a spokesperson for Sasikala said, before diving full-length to prostrate at her feet. Our editor was able to ask Sasikala too, at Golden Bay resort, about the offer.

Delhi ………….Arasangathai…………………….” the AIADMK Chinnamma muttered, before our editor was suddenly beaten up and manhandled by goons from nowhere.

Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan too, seemed to suggest that he endorsed Baijal’s workaround. “I have been against capital punishment earlier, but I’m certainly for this ‘capital’ punishment :)” the actor tweeted, puzzling millions of fans yet again. Haasan followed it up with another equally cryptic tweet that read, “Delhi’s a cold place. So cold people are bound to get along warmly with the city of Delhi :)”

In an online poll, many Delhi residents stated that they would welcome Sasikala as CM. “Even if she sits here and does nothing, as long as she’s in Delhi and doesn’t keep touring here and there, she’d still be better than her predecessor. We hear that she’s capable and confident of launching efficient dharnas – that’s fine by us too. It doesn’t make things any worse than they already are. Let her just be in Delhi, so that we can at least claim to have a sitting CM,” a Delhi resident said.

While the party is yet to react officially, an angry AAP spokesperson, The Ashutosh tweeted, “Why the China amma sud come to the Delhi !!! Will the Modi answer !!!” (sic), to the cheer of thousands of OPS supporters.

All the brouhaha, however, was finally put to rest, with Kejriwal himself tweeting, “Sasinder, this is unacceptable.”


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