EXCLUSIVE: ENPT music director revealed: A cop named Kamalhaasan Warne!

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URT Investigative team has managed to access the photo of the top-secret music director of ENPT - Kamalhassan Warne.

URT Investigative team has managed to access the photo of the top-secret music director of ENPT – Kamalhaasan Warne.

Chennai: The much-hyped mystery shrouding the music director of Gautham Vasudev Menon’s upcoming movie “Ennai Noki Paayum Thotta” starring Dhanush has finally been cracked.

In true GVM style, the chosen one to score music for this movie has been revealed to be a cop named Kamalhaasan Warne. The move follows the precedent set by Menon’s previous venture Acham Enbadhu Madamaiyadaa, where a nameless protagonist played by STR is revealed to be a cop named Rajinikanth Muralidharan at the end of the movie.

“We paid a rich tribute to Superstar Rajinikanth & Muttaiah Muralidharan with Simbu’s character in AYM. So with this film, we wanted to honor their counterparts. To my luck, there was a cop named Kamalhaasan Warne & I’ll extract whatever music I could from him. The album will explore the artistic side of the police, which has never been showcased on celluloid thus far,” Menon told The Tamil UnReal Times editor Dhandaraj Ande.

Throwing more light on Warne, Menon added that he was truly made for him. “Warne told me that he would compose only up to 70% of the songs while sitting down with Thamarai. The remaining charanams etc will be done as the album gets recorded. I couldn’t have asked for anything more suited to my directing style!” the delighted director smiled.

When asked whether there was any connection between Warne & Rajinikanth Muralidharan, Menon stated that the musician cop could be a mid-sequel to Muralidharan before he becomes Anbuchelvan from Kaaka Kaaka. “Before he becomes Anbuchelvan, he could likely take a break from police work and stuff..and you know..dabble a bit in music and stuff..so that’s how I look at it,” Menon added.

The director also added that he definitely wanted a cop to play a big role in this movie in some way or the other, while stating that it would be too much of a stretch to have Dhanush too, don Khaki in ENPT. Hence, the music department.

ENPT is stated to be a bar above AYM, reportedly featuring only songs back to back for the first 25 minutes, followed by an interval, followed by an action-packed remainder of the movie.

What’s next? The director revealed that he could soon commence work on his biggest challenge until date – making an English-free Tamil movie.