Lovers who made Jay Jay stunt by writing their names on old 500 Rupee note, now separated permanently

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The scene from the Tamil movie Jay Jay, which these young couple had copied but in vain.

The scene from the Tamil movie Jay Jay, which these young couple had copied but in vain.

Chennai: Demonetisation has not just struck the hearts of black money hoarders. It has now punctured the heart of a young couple.

Divya and Jagadeesh were in relationship for ten years since their college days. Their friends and family gushed that they will be the oldest living couple in world. Both of them had even planned about naming their kids and even had applied for seat in one of the play schools in suburban Chennai. But, their world changed on the night of 8th November.

Wiping her tears with a napkin, Divya said to us, “Neither of us had the impetus to get married and we aren’t even living together. Our families were actually totally supportive of our relationship and even urged us to get married. But, we had made a tryst with destiny ten years ago, due to which we were postponing our marriage. Actually, he proposed to me ten years ago while we were on vacations after finishing school. Even though I accepted it, I wanted to do something thrilling.”

“The last movie we saw together in my home was Jay Jay. Smitten by that movie, I took a 500 Rupee note from my wallet and wrote our names on it. Then I had told him ‘If we get this 500 Rupee back, that day itself, we will get married’. He even accepted it, probably imagining him as Maddy. But now..”, she started sobbing uncontrollably.

Pacifying her, Jagadeesh who was sitting on other side of couch, continued, “We were having our usual dinner at Anjappar, when we saw our WhatsApp groups buzzing with pings about Demonetization. We initially dismissed it as rumor, but the hotel staffs turned on a TV and we saw Modi on screen annoucing that 500 & 1000 Rupee notes are voided from that midnight. That news came down like a thunder on us and our relationship and marriage plans.”

“It has been more than ten years since our marriage-deciding 500 Rupee note was let into circulation. Every salary day, I would draw out in 1000 Rupee notes and go around city asking for two 500s for every 1000 Rupee note I had. But we never got back that 500 Rupee note. Even then, we were confident that we will get it sooner. But, after that announcement, we totally ran out of hopes. I did not stop there. I went to each and every bank and ATM branch that day and begged people to show me their 500 Rupee note before they deposit or exchange. But, I was thrown out by security guards and Police warned me of action if I continue that.”, said a visibly disturbed Jagadeesh.

“We can never see old 500 Rupee note in circulation anymore. Either, it will be resting in Banks forever. Or, being burnt by black money hoarders. Our marriage is not going to happen, as both of us do not want to break our vows. So, we decided to separate permanently last week. Already, Divya got a US guy who was waiting for her for past two years. My parents are also searching a girl for me.”, he left the couch unable to talk beyond.