Man wears Vandu brand Lungi to Google interview, gets selected without any question

Bengaluru: A Tamil man who has got into Google for simply appearing at the interview in a lungi has shocked the entire IT world.

A leaked pic of Sundar Pichai working in his office, wearing Vandu brand lungi

A leaked pic of Sundar Pichai working in his office, wearing Vandu brand lungi

Sudhakar, aged 27, is the person who has shocked the entire world by getting into Google just because he wore a lungi. Recalling over what transpired to this event, he said, “Two months back, I had applied for Google in their careers site. Like every other techie working in Software service company, I was 99% sure that I will not be called for the Interview. But to my shock, exactly two weeks back, I got a call from their HR. The HR explained to me that I have to face an initial telephonic interview. Only if I clear that round, I will be called for next rounds of Interview.”

He then shared the funniest way in which he appeared at the interview. “After clearing the telephonic round, I was called to their Bengaluru campus for face-to-face yesterday. So, yesterday, I was having breakfast in a hotel outside Google campus. Distracted by a fight, the server poured the sambar over my pants instead of my plate. In a matter of seconds, my cream color Van Huesen pants turned into brown color. I started to cry uncontrollably. I did not have time to go back room for changing my pants. Depressed, I was looking for a clothing outlet and saw this lungi shop.”

Unable to see branded clothing shop nearby, he had decided to appear in lungi. “It was Vandu lungi brand shop. And they were showing their TV ad on one of the TV sets outside. In that, a guy wearing their lungi woos a foreign girl. If that can happen, why can’t I woo a foreign company? That thought flashed across my mind and the very next minute, I was walking out of shop wearing brand new Vandu lungi.”

What happened next was history. “Everybody inside the campus gave me an unusual stare, but I just stormed inside the building with full confidence. I could even gauge the stares from hot chics, as I crossed them in corridors. The HR was taken aback and told me to sit in separate room, while other candidates were taken to another room for written round. At that point, I was a bit scared that I had done something foolish and they are going to ban me from Google in future. But, their HR director walked up to my room and gave me an envelope. I tore it open and inside it was an Offer Letter from Google. Personally signed by Sundar Pichai.”, Sudhakar punched in the air.

“The HR director then told me a secret that Sundar himself used to wear Vandu brand lungi and that is how he got CEO post. He also said that I am directly selected without any interview because I wore Vandu brand lungi. While walking out, two pretty girls walked to me and slipped me their mobile numbers. Oh God! I am just going to buy a dozen Vandu lungies. These guys rock!”, shouted Sudhakar who was sitting next to those two girls in his home, wearing a lungi.