Ilayathalapathy angry after Youtube searches for “Vijay+Let’s take a selfie pulla” lead to Vijay Goel

Chennai: Kollywood star Vijay, fondly referred to as “Ilaya Thalapathy” by his many fans, has expressed his anger after recent Youtube searches with the phrase “Vijay + Let’s take a selfie pulla” have led users to Sports Minister Vijay Goel instead.

The actor star lost his cool in a press conference, where he yelled his heart out at those gathered. “Naan vandhu Vijay Goel avargaloda Youtube searches la gel aaganum. Oru sila Youtube searches la vandhu, sila vishayangal unwanted aa irukkum..appdi illa, intha tharava,” the Ilaya Thalapathy explained, before hollering, “AYE! pesikittirukken….SILENCE!

Sources closed to the star admitted to his being disturbed by the developments. “Honestly, Vijay anna is affected by it. He’s not been sleeping properly for the past couple of days. Earlier, every other day, Youtube searches with Vijay and Selfie would mainly be in order to ape his dance movements or to simply have a good time by shaking a leg. But for the past few days, every search of this kind has been to watch our Sports Minister in action, clicking selfies with all the Olympic athletes. Vijay anna is hoping that this redirection is just temporary and things will be back to normal soon,” one of Vijay’s assistants told The Tamil UnReal Times, on the condition of anonymity.

Fans of the star, meanwhile, took to Twitter to admonish fans of arch-rival, Thala Ajith Kumar, for the developments. Within moments, the hashtag #InsecureAjithAndVijayGoelNexus surfaced on the trending topics of the microblogging site. This hashtag soon gave rise to a counter hashtag, #EvenVijayGoelIsBetterThanVijay, which began to trend, thanks to many tweets with this hashtag along with the customary #ThalaRoxxx hashtag.

Tamil cinema news websites were soon flooded with reports, on how Thala Ajith would have been so “humble” and “down-to-earth” that he himself would have utilized his photography skills and taken a photograph with of the sports minister, had his name been Vijay.

Meanwhile, the sports minister chose to end the controversy, by wishing Vijay all success in his cinema endeavors.