Harris Jayaraj accused of copying Manmohan Singh after releasing empty track

Chennai: Music director Harris Jayaraj, who is often hailed as Kollywood’s “Hit Machine” but also acerbically referred to as “Xerox Machine” by some sections of Tamil film music listeners after release of his every single album, has now been accused of copying from none other than the former Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh! The accusations began to fly by the dozen at the musician after he released a single empty track of 30 seconds, filled with absolutely nothing but pure silence.

Within moments of the upload, Harris was flooded with comments like, “Ada paavi! Harris copycat didn’t even spare Manmohan Singh? Every second of this track is copied from him!”, “0.00 – 0.30: Manmohan Singh. Dei Harris, nee thirundhave maatiya?,” “Manmohan SingHJ :D,” and so on. “Shameless Harris is continuing to copy Manmohan Singh even now, by maintaining a stoic silence on these accusations!” read another comment.

Harris allegedly copyied even Manmohan Singh's pose after voting.

Harris allegedly copied even Manmohan Singh’s pose after voting.

Some fans of Oscar-winner and music director AR Rahman also claimed that the empty track was “heavily inspired” from the starting of “Kaatre en vaasal” from Rhythm. “In that, for the first few seconds, you hear nothing but the wind. Harris has cleverly used the same portion and has edited out the wind sound. LOL! Does Harris think we’re all fools and that we can’t make out such things? #ARRForever!” posted a die-hard ARR fan. A few fans of Kolaveri Di sensation Anirudh Ravichander also claimed that the silence was ripped straight out of some of Hans Zimmer’s tracks in Interstellar.

Harris was also widely criticised by music reviewers, who claimed that his new track, in fact, offered nothing new and was reminiscent of his old silences. “Again, same old stuff from Harris. The 30-second silence easily reminds one of the 1-second silence in Halena, which in turn is straight out of his earlier 2-second silence in Thodu Vaanam and so on. It’s time Harris came out of reusing and rehashing his own silences and tried something new,” said a celebrity music reviewer.

Die-hard fans of Harris Jayaraj, including The UnReal Times columnist Ashwin Kumar hit back at the accusers in their usual fashion, stating, “If you don’t like the silence, don’t listen to it. Don’t spoil this soothing silence for us and others. Haters gonna hate. Harris Da!”

Ashwin was even quick to upload his own attempt at the new track, by simply sitting in front of his keyboard for 30 seconds. While Harris himself is yet to respond to the allegations, former PM Manmohan Singh, on hearing about this, raised his thumb and uttered “Theek hai” after obtaining permission to do so, from Congress president Sonia Gandhi.