Kabali 2 will have Rajnikanth hunting down online piracy websites, ‘NeruppuSuvaruDa’ song recorded – Director

Like 'Magizhchchi', Kabali 2 will have its Hero uttering punch dialogue 'Block Paniyaachi'.

Like ‘Magizhchchi’, Kabali 2 will have its Hero uttering punch dialogue ‘Block Paniyaachi’.

Chennai: Superstar Rajnikanth starrer Kabali had opened to tremendous and humongous response and has already made huge marks in the box office. Even before the dust has settled, director Ranjith has already began working on the script for the second instalment of Kabali.

Meeting us outside a theater screening Kabali, its director was totally enthusiastic about the next project. Even without waiting for us to ask him anything about Kabali, he started revealing more interesting informations about Kabali 2. “After Endhiran 2.0, Thalaivar has agreed to act in second part of Kabali. Superstar was always clear about the importance of script and it was the script which was hero in Kabali. Though few people thrash Kabali, it has broken all Box Office records and have been creating huge waves internationally. It was with this excellent collection that Thanu sir himself has agreed to produce the second part of Kabali too.”

He then jumped to the story part. “Kabali 2 is more like Augmented Reality of Kabali 1. For example, Pokemon Go, which is an AR game, involves users to hunt for Pokemons in real world. Similarly, Superstar will be hunting down villains who were destroying the Kabali movie by releasing pirated version of the movie online.”

We were shocked by the plot twist even before the script was fully written by the director. Chuckling a bit, the director continued, “Yes! In Kabali 2, the movie starts with release of Kabali movie. Thalaivar then gets to know of several gangs in world which work to release the movie in pirated movie websites. Gathering a team, he challenges those gangs and finally destroys all of them.”

“In a seperate subplot, he will enter the digital world and will go fight all the bits of torrent that gets transferred via Peers. For this, there will be a cameo by Chitti which will help him accomplish this task. For the first time in Tamil industry, two characters played by hero would be appearing in the same screen. Rajnikanth had already acted in Black and White, Color, 3D and Animation and now this mixed character will be his fifth accomplishment.”, said Ranjith with grin on his face.

“We have again booked Santhosh for music. He and ArunRaja has already recorded a fiery song called ‘NeruppuSuvaruDa’. This song will show how Rajni creates firewall in computers while inside the World wide web and prevents people from sharing files. Now, this will give you goosebumps. ‘NeruppuSuvaruDa’ is portmanteau of Neruppu Da and Suvaru (wall) – both being central themes in my two earlier movies.”, the director beamed.

Before taking a leave, director Ranjith said, “We have roped in many foreign actors to play PirateBayMan, KickedAss characters. Gang names would be DVDRip, TCRip, 720p, BluRay, etc. Our versatile actor PrakashRaj would be playing TamilRockers character.”