Man catches all Pokemon species in Kabali First Day show in a Chennai theatre

Chennai: A 30 year old man from the city has become the talk of the world today. He has claimed to have caught all the Pokemon species in the Pokemon game.

Meanwhile, Rajnikanth has become the first person in the world to have caught Pokémon by hand. ‘Only Thalaivar can catch AR object using hand’, praised the makers of game, who also claimed that they are Members of Japan Rajni fans club

While the entire educated world is going crazy over Pokémon Go, struggling to catch bigger and tougher Pokémon, a 30-year old man from the city has claimed today that he has caught all the available and possible Pokémon.

Murugan, working in an IT company on the outskirts of Chennai and spending most of his time and energy in travelling to and from office, is the person who has made this unbelievable claim.

When we met him at his home today, he appeared excited. He said, “I could not believe myself. I had won the Pokémon Go game, I had bet many pros and even the Americans. This is the best day of my life. And I want to thank Superstar Rajnikanth for this. If not for thalaivar, I would have been stuck in much lower levels.”

Surprised by his revelation linking Rajnikanth, we pressed for more info. He continued, “Yes! I was able to finish Pokémon Go only because of Kabali. Like every other Thalaivar fan, I was rushing into Koyambedu Rohini theatre today morning 4 am special show today. While trying to take a selfie before start of movie, I accidentally pressed Pokémon Go app icon. Actually, I had never watched Pokémon, so wasn’t much interested in playing it. I had just caught some 3 Pokémon. But today, when I had accidentally launched that app, I was unable to believe my eyes. There were around 500 Pokémon species in the theatre.”

“Some were in seats, some were in projector room, some were in ceiling. Even the tougher ones were sitting calm and waiting to watch Kabali. Before catching Pikachu, I asked it about the reason for all Pokémon gathering here. It said that they had all come to watch the movie first day first show. They also said that since Pokemon release in Japan clashed with Kabali release, the Pokemon species had boycotted the game, which was managed by the makers as server issue. While Thalaivar was busy hunting villains, I was busy catching Pokémon characters. That is how, I have becomes world famous.”

When asked what Charmander said while being caught, Murugan chuckled and said “It said Magizchchi”.

In order to finish Pokémon Go, fans of this game from across the world have decided to exhibit Kabali in their respective cities and finish the game soon by catching all Pokemon which would arrive there to catch view of Superstar.