Modi’s drum beating in Tanzania was copied from TR’s African Mouth Music, says Noise Expert

Chennai: An award-winning international Noise Expert has claimed that PM Modi had copied TR’s African Music while beating drums in Tanzania.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited few African countries on his yet another leg of international journey. While in Tanzania, upon the request of its President Magufuli, Modi tried his hands in the drum beating. Along with Magufuli, Modi kept on beating drums for more than a minute.

His drum beating in Tanzania while Kashmir was burning had invited chest-beating comments from Human Rights champions. While the north of India is outraging on something insignificant, a man from TamilNadu has ripped open a controversy that can even cost the PM chair of Modi.

Nobody would have known about the most famous international Noise Expert Sanant Saithyanathan. He is not much known for his award-winning research on Noises. Appearing in a ten minute section in a famous Tamil News Channels, he had claimed that Modi had copied from TR’s African Music.

Eager to learn more about this copy-controversy, we landed up at his office, which is in fact his home. After putting a ponytail of his lengthy hair, he started, “I had been tracking noises all across the universe since my birth. I can distinguish hundred different noises sitting inside a train and can listen to each and every conversation inside the train. I had been gifted with such a talent. Infact, people mock me saying that I have nose for noise.”

After he alone continued laughing for two minutes, he continued, “Last Sunday, I was watching an English news channel which was showing Modi’s trip to Tanzania. I was about to change the channel, ignoring it for usual news, but when I heard the drum noise, I decided to listen to it. Our PM was trying out his hands in beating the drums, which was told by the anchor as some Tanzanian custom. Within 20 seconds into that drum beating, I was of the feel that I had heard this same beats somewhere else. When Modi stopped beating the drums, I was confident about the original source of that music. How come that a politician who never had learnt music can beat drums so easily? I have the answer for it.”

“If you could remember exactly, TR aka T Rajendar aka Vijaya T Rajendar, the famous actor, director, editor, musician,..”, we stopped him stating that we do not have much time. “In one Youtube video, he would answer to a viewer about his passion for music, assuming that he is stuck in an African forest and how he can sing even African music. And then, he generated music or noise, whatever you can assume, from his mouth. If you had listened to that African music of TR, you will find that Modi had copied the same beats from it. I had even made a video to show the similarity between two. Modi must accept that he had copied from TR and must resign immediately.”, explained Sanant and showed us the video. He was kind enough to share the video via ShareIt too.

Below is the video Sanant has made to prove that Modi’s drum beats were copied from TR’s African music: