Air India flight enroute Dubai does an emergency landing in Chennai, after passenger sings Neruppu Da song inside flight

Chennai: An Air India flight has made an emergency landing in Chennai today following fire threat. It was later found out that it was a reflex reaction by the flight crew to a passenger singing Neruppu Da song.

Air India flight from Chennai to Dubai, AI 0905, which left today evening by 7 pm from Anna International Airport and was scheduled to reach Dubai by 10 pm, has made an emergency landing back to Chennai.

“Just as we were going on our usual routine, we received an emergency call from AI0905. They had asked for an emergency landing citing a fire threat in their plane. So, we gave them the green signal and they too landed safely.”, a senior officer from Chennai Airport confirmed to us.

Meanwhile, TamilNadu Fire Department has requested Mobile Network providers to not let its subscribers use ‘NeruppuDa’ as ringtone or caller tune. ‘Or else everytime, we will have to waste our vehicle fuel then’, said the Fire Dept higher official.

“Once the flight landed, our stand-by emergency monitor crew got into the plane and checked for any smoke or fire. But, we were unable to find any smoke inside the plane. Not even outside the plane.”, said the head of emergency crew. It was then the flight’s pilot was summoned for a quick investigation. The pilot had denied any fire alarm and the flight crew had denied seeing any smoke coming from the inside of airplane.

The officer who investigated the incident gave us the startling info about the entire fiasco, “There was no fire alarm and no smoke. One of the airhostess had heard a passenger shouting ‘Fire, Fire’ ten minutes after flight departed. When she went near the passenger, he was looking at the wings and shouting ‘Fire, Fire’ in Tamil.”

While we were left confused about this incident, the officer laughed and continued, “The truth is that there was really no fire. That passenger was a 30 year old engineer from Chennai. And he was singing ‘Neruppu Da’ song from Kabali. He had worn headphones and was shouting at the top of his voice. Since that airhostess knew only few Tamil words, especially emergency words, she had immediately called the pilot to inform of fire. Unwilling to take any chances, the pilot had contacted ground team and did emergency landing.”

The passenger was left with a stern warning and the airhostess was explained about Kabali and ‘Neruppu Da’ song. And the AirIndia flight had departed this time and we are expecting it to land in Dubai, uttering Superstar’s dialogue “Air India thirumba Dubaikku varennu sollu!” (Tell that Air India is coming again to Dubai!)


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  1. According to flight stat, AI0905 is on time everyday

    Please change the dates and see for yourself

    June 15, 2016 at 3:01 pm

  2. if this content is your imagination, then its great!!!

    June 16, 2016 at 9:25 am