Quiksilver intro scene in X-Men Apocalypse copied from 24 movie, claims Suriya fan

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Chennai: X-Men Apocalypse opened to houseful screens in the city on May 20.

While the film was received well by the audience, an online reviewer with 3 Youtube subscribers has panned the movie. Releasing a video in his Youtube channel, Mani has fired many allegations at X-men makers. Claiming himself as an ardent Suriya fan, Mani says in the video, “I hope that world viewers would have watched the introduction scene of Quiksilver in X-Men Apocalypse. He would appear outside the Xavier’s school and while an explosion becomes imminent, he would act so fast that the world appears freezed. He would alter the frozen characters and even save them from the school. You would have cheered that scene and laughed at it. You would have clapped when the scene ended. All fine, but gather yourselves before I share you this shocking info.”

Scene from X-men movie which was alleged to be lifted from 24 movie.

Scene from X-men movie which was alleged to be lifted from 24 movie.

The video then shows clips of QuikSilver’s intro in X-Men’s latest movie. And Mani again appears, “The shocking info is that, this whole awesome scene was copied from an South Indian movie. 24 is the name of a Tamil-language movie produced and acted by famous actor Suriya and was released worldwide on May 6. This frozen character sequence and the protagonist trying to mend whatever the frozen character do, has already appeared in that 24 movie. Not to be a spoiler to the movie, but even the climax scene featured this epic Time Freeze technique.” The videos involving Time Freeze from 24 movie then appears in the video.

After the scenes ended, Mani’s tone grew more furious, “We outrage and mock at Tamil movies when it copies scenes from Hollywood movies. We publish videos showing the scenes where it had been copied. You might say that Hollywood directors does not need to copy from Kollywood, but how can you be sure that Tamil directors conceived the whole scenes after seeing the Hollywood movies? What if they had not seen those scenes and got it from their original creativity? Why can’t two people think of same thing from different times and locations? If no, then can I claim that this Quiksilver scene was lifted from 24 movie?”