Terrorist groups reach out to Dheivamagal Sathya asking her tips on how to escape after their cover gets blown up

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Raqqa: Sathya from Dheivamagal serial should be having some respite now as Gayathri is being cornered by Police. But, fate works in altogether different way for her always.

Terrorist groups across the World have reached out to Sathya. In a video release which has featured almost every terrorist bigshots from Baghdadhi to Hafiz Saeed, all the terror group leaders have appeared together to make an appeal. The video goes like, “We are spreading across the world and planting our firm footsteps in regions that had not been explored. We have got a steady flow of cash and resources and our profitability and utilization has skyrocketed. But, there is one area where we have never excelled. It is the art of escaping from the clutches of army or police from the states where we are operating in.”

One terrorist group leader intervened, “We have lost nearly 250+ terrorists to the intelligent slueths and state police in India alone in the last one year. This is a huge loss for us, both in terms of resources and the skills they take with them to the prisons. In order to avoid this risk, we had been brainstorming with several heads of our victims, but with no end result. Finally, we happened to see Dheivamagal serial from Tamilnadu state of India on our laptop. One of our Indian recruit was a big fan of that serial and he takes break for 30 minutes from fighting to not miss that serial.”

The same person continued, “We got glued to that serial ever since Sathya, Sangeetha and her lover were declared a terrorist with the help of Arvindh and Gayathri. We were eager to find out how a state-declared terrorist without any weapons would travel hundreds of miles and escape from an army of police laden with modern technologies. Every night when the ‘To be continued..’ appeared on the screen, we would shoot one of our abducted journalist to vent out anxiety on what will happen to Sathya. But, glory to God, she has escaped hundreds of police in a brilliant manner. This is one skill which even our big intellectual heads lack.”

Terror groups have urged their terrorists to keep on watching the Dheivamagal episodes where terrorist-fugitive Sathya escapes from Police.

Terror groups have urged their terrorists to keep on watching the Dheivamagal episodes where terrorist-fugitive Sathya escapes from Police.

“And that is why we have reached out to Sathya. But she is not responding properly to us. If she is not budging, we have planned to abduct Prakash and release a video with him in orange suit. She will then come alone to Syria to rescue him. At that time, we will force her to teach us her trick and to give us tips on how to escape a country with police at your backdoor.”, Baghdadi added.

Upon hearing this news, Gayathri has come out of her hiding. In a press meet, she thundered, “When I already said that Sathya was a terrorist, nobody believed me. Now see, terrorist groups across world are treating her as their empress. Police must arrest her and her aide Prakash soon.”