Contest: Say the count of ‘Watch Mechanic’ dialogue in 24 movie and get 1 lakh rupees

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Chennai: ’24’ which was released last Friday across the world has already captured the hearts and time of millions of Tamil audience. Now, the makers of that movie have come up with a new contest to award the audience.

Meanwhile, a Watch mechanic from Adyar who has never watched 24 movie, has already declared that he has sent the right answer for the contest. When asked how he knew, he calmly replied “Basically I’m a watch mechanic. These things are very simple for me”. Image Courtesy

Speaking at the success meet of their movie, film producer-cum-actor Suriya started, “All you beautiful kids, bubbly aunties, tubby hubbies, grinning grannies.. this summer must be very cool right?..” Suriya’s monologue was cut short by his assistant and he bit his tongue. “Sorry, I was meant to shoot for my next ad and those words seeped through here.”, claimed the actor who had portrayed three roles in the movie.

Taking over the mic, the movie’s director said, “You might have watched the 24 movie. You might have watched the watch in 24 movie. You might have watched the watching of watch in that movie. You might have..”. A panicked assistant director pulled the mic while the director had already entered into Kamalhassan mode. “Excuse us! He is working on another confusing script. So, he is confusing everyone including himself.”

“When you had watched.. oops.. viewed the 24 movie, you might have notice one of our best punch dialogue,”, started that assistant director, “which goes like ‘Basically I am a watch mechanic. All these things are very simple for me’. The punch was so good that our director sir and Suriya sir decided to use it at many scenes in the movie. Now, we want to test whether our Suriya sir fans and other sweet audience have really watched the movie enough. We have started a contest and winner of that contest will fetch one lakh rupees. All you have to do is this thing – Just send us the count of how many times the ‘Watch mechanic’ dialogue was repeated in the movie. You can go to our movie website or you can send a SMS with 24M space count to 24420. The contest ends on 16th May. We will declare the result on May 19th.”

“We hope that more Tamizhans will be excited about our result than the election result.”, said Suriya which was followed by applause.

One person from marketing team, on conditions of anonymity, said, “This is our marketing strategy. Now, our audience will go for repeat shows and count the number of times the ‘Watch mechanic’ dialogue was uttered in the movie. Given the number of times it had been used, most will lose track of their count. And they will have to again come as repeat audience. This way, we can beat 135 crore gang in box office.”

While leaving the success meet, a fellow reporter wondered aloud, “The ‘Watch mechanic’ dialogue was so much repeated that if they had censored that dialogue, this whole film would have appeared like a teaser.”