Couple breaks up after guy didn’t FB check-in with “OK Kanmani with my kanmani” message from theatre

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Jesse and Karthik, a couple who were together for more than a year, broke up yesterday, after Karthik failed to check-in on Facebook with the status message, “OK Kanmani with my kanmani <3” from the theater, before the movie began.

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An onlooker, V. Payal told The Tamil UnReal Times that the couple created a big scene, trading volleys of strong arguments in high volume before they were asked to leave the premises by others who had gathered to watch the movie. “We walked into watch a romantic love story, with all its twists and turns. But yesterday, we witnessed one even before the movie began,” Payal said, “It all began when Jesse asked Karthik if he had checked in on FB. Karthik said no. Jesse asked him if he was planning to check in and post that he was watching OK Kanmani with his kanmani. When Karthik replied in the negative, the fight escalated and Jesse asked him, ‘Wait, so you’re saying I’m not your kanmani?’ Karthik tried to explain that he didn’t mean she wasn’t, but it was too late. Jesse yelled at him for a good 2 minutes, and he retaliated, before people asked them to leave the hall. Before leaving, she said, ‘We’re over, Karthik.’ Karthik stayed back to watch the movie though.The rest of us saw the movie after that, but frankly, it still wasn’t as good as this fight.”

Payal, however placed the blame squarely on Karthik, saying “Indha kaalathila kadhal aa vandhu FB la sollala na adhu kadhale illa pa. Adha therinjikaama irukkaravan love pannave koodaadhu. He deserves it! A few minutes later, I saw him checking in with the status message ‘Not OK..Kanmani! :'( Not OK…’ What nonsense!”

When The Tamil UnReal Times reporter got in touch with Karthik over drinks, the disgruntled lover cried his heart out, exclaiming, “Olagathula evalavo ponnunga irukkaanga. Naan yen yaa Jesse ya kaadhalichen?

Karthik, however, added that he had learnt his lesson and was preparing a list of all FB check-ins for similar scenarios in future relationships. “When I watch Puli, I’ll be posting ‘Kadhaliyudan Puli :)’. For Romeo Juliet, it’ll be ‘Romeo Juliet with my Juliet ;)’ and for Uttama Villain, it’ll be ‘Uttama Villain’ with my uttama heroine ;)’ Phew!” sighed Karthik.