Google India honours “Thala” Ajith Kumar with special doodle on birthday

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One of Tamil cinema’s biggest superstars, “Thala” Ajith Kumar, now holds the rare distinction of being the only Tamil hero with a Google doodle to his credit, on his birthday.

The doodle was developed by Google India’s senior creative development head, Raghu.T, also a die-hard Thala fan, on the eve of Thala’s birthday. Throwing more light on the doodle, Raghu said, “It was quite simple actually. I had to just replace each letter with a distinct pic of Thala. The good thing is he’s probably had close to just 5 big, really memorable hits, so each letter links to a rare, hit movie of Thala and the last letter, E, as is evident, contains video links to some of Thala’s races.” 

However, Raghu has expressed disappointment that a couple of features couldn’t be added before the deadline. “Yeah, the ‘Google search’ button had to be replaced with a ‘humble search’ one, so as to reflect Thala’s so-called very humble nature as also, the ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button, which had to be replaced with ‘I’m feeling down-to-earth.’ However, these couldn’t be made due to lack of time,’ sighed Raghu.

All was not lost, though, as Raghu said, “The good thing, however, is that the part that contains the page links for the search results i.e. ‘Gooooooooogle,’ has made way for ‘Thala Rockzzzzzzz,’ with each z containing a link to the next page.” The Thala has reportedly been highly overjoyed with this gesture and has apparently promised to personally spoon-feed Raghu with generous servings of his self-cooked birthday biryani.

( Doodle designed by EGMEK Raghuthaatha, who blogs here.)